We believe in qualities that matter

Teamwork. Creativity. Partnerships.

Teamwork. Creativity. Partnerships.
We believe in the qualities that matter

  • What you should know about iMedia Northside

  • Who we are

    iMedia Northside is a leader in its field. Providing clients a one of a kind full service that includes publishing, digital publishing, marketing, fundraising and website design, creation and maintenance.

    We are proud of the clients we represent, our staff and our final products, second to none.

  • Corporate Philosophy

    We strive to be the best at our specialties, publishing, digital publishing, marketing, fundraising and the creation and maintenance of dynamic websites.

    Representing the needs of our clients in a clear, positive manner, we work together to help them achieve their goals.

    As a team, based on honesty, transparency and creativity, we will assist each other to strive for excellence.


  • Publishing

    We have been publishing magazines, journals, annuals and promoting the accomplishments of our clients for over 30 years.

    As a leader in the digital publishing field we offer combined expertise that assists our clients with quality publishing products and services, from initial consultation to fulfillment.

  • What we do

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    Shoulder to Shoulder Magazine

    ANAVETS is comprised of a Dominion Command, which is located in Ottawa where the Headquarters is situated, and seven provincial commands.

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    Canadian Fallen Website

    The Canadian Fallen is a Virtual Component of the National Wall of Remembrance in Kingston, Ontario Canada.

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    Courage Magazine

    The Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation was created to HONOUR and REMEMBER firefighters who have been killed in the line of duty and to SUPPORT their families.

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    Remembrance Magazine

    This self-funding project will create a single place of remembrance for all of Canada’s fallen heroes - a place that families, friends and the general public can visit and remember.

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    Police Advocates Journal

    The POLICE ADVOCATES JOURNAL’s mandate is to “inform and empower”. Frederic Serre, Managing Editor, has been associated with Police Organizations and their magazines for some twenty plus years.

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    For over 30 years the Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association Foundation has been defending the rights of C Division’s RCMP members, as well as those of francophone officers across Canada.

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    The Shield Journal

    THE SHIELD Journal  is an exciting new online magazine for Canada’s emergency response and 911 community. Our team of seasoned professionals and experts in the field provide in-depth, relevant and timely news coverage that matters to those on the frontlines of cities and towns across Canada.

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    #youth Centres Can

    Youth Centres Canada works to encourage, support, and provide information and training to youth and youth groups in rural areas, towns and small cities in Canada.